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Areas of Practice

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our Private Wealth Management Practice addresses 2 needs – Private Client Advisory & Private Disputes Practice. We are able to address the needs of clients who require discretion on their identity, family matters and business interests. Private Client files and documents are held in enhanced security areas and are subject to strict access measures.

This discrete practice handles special areas of concern including family disputes, trusts and probate, property-related matters and inheritance disputes and offer private and confidential mediation as a first step to resolving disputes.

We also advise and assist in the implementation of wealth management strategies and succession planning for all kinds of families

We are adept in assembling the necessary teams to handle cross border negotiations and dispute resolution. We recognize that our clients participate in the global economy with assets, businesses and families across borders. We offer discrete advisory services and our boutique practice has strong cross border links with other advisors in other jurisdictions who can assist us to work with ease and efficiency.

We understand our clients’ needs for dispute management and conflict resolution, which often includes strategy and pre –emptive or early plans to minimize the destructive impact and economic costs of a public dispute.



Healthcare & Eldercare Law

Our Approach

Shanti has been advising on Healthcare related matters since 2001.

Key issues that concern her are affordable healthcare, medical mishap management and ethical and effective management of complications.

Shanti has extensive experience litigating and advising in healthcare and medical negligence.  She advises patients, Hospitals, doctors on intelligent approaches to problem solving.

She has also helped navigate individuals and their families dealing with elder law issues that involve medical and private wealth issues.


We speak to and advise professionals and businesses on a broad range of topics, including:

For Patients

  • Application for medical reports & medical records
  • Advice relating to suitable experts for second opinions and evaluation for medical negligence
  • Neutral Evaluation of Malpractice or Medical Negligence Claim
  • Medical Mediation Advisory
  • Representation for Medical Negligence matters
  • Billing Disputes

For Hospitals & Doctors

  • Communications between Hospital, Staff, Patient & Healthcare Personnel
  • Domestic Inquiries in Hospitals
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Intra Hospital -staff relations
  • proper medical practices
  • medical record keeping to
  • better practices to help manage or avoid medico-legal claims
  • best practices for healthcare organizations for grievance mechanism management

For Nursing Homes/ Long Term care

We also provide legal advice in relation to eldercare management in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Availability as Healthcare Mediator

Shanti is available to be appointed as a Mediator in Healthcare related matters.

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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Patients are demanding better accountability in healthcare.

Doctors are increasingly practising defensive medicine

Hospitals are in the business of healthcare.

Medical Devices and Electronic Medical Records/Prescription Systems are changing the risks of giving and getting treatment.

Mishaps happen despite best efforts. [See Resources]

Efficient problem solving is available to affected parties.

Litigation is also available to those who want to influence the law.

Subject to conflict searches, we advise patients, their families, doctors, hospitals and other stakeholders and interest groups who seek our assistance.

Commercial & Corporate

Commercial & Corporate


Our General Commercial & Corporate Practice includes advisory and documentation preparation in relation to business establishment and management to acquisitions (local & international) as well as expansion.

Our experience in various practice areas helps to provide clients with comprehensive advice on business establishment and management. We have assisted clients through the entire business spectrum from incorporation through to strategic alliances and expansion of operations and pre-IPO planning as well as restructuring and IPO planning.

We have the capacity to assist clients who are based in Malaysia, Singapore and internationally.

Due Diligence

We are able to assemble Due Diligence teams at short notice to attend to clients requirements.

Risk Management

We advise shareholders, directors, board committees and management on their duties and responsibilities including corporate governance best practices and strategies. We advise on risk management strategies to address concerns and advise on dispute resolution mechanisms to minimize the cost of disputes.

Construction & CIPAA

Construction & CIPAA

We advise employers, contractors and sub-contractors on matters relating to construction disputes and matters relating to claims/responses to claims relating to payments under CIPAA.




Matrimonial Mediation can take place before or even after a suit is filed.

Mediation provides the parties with the opportunity to expedite the divorce process and to reduce the adversarial communication that takes place during a litigated divorce. Mediation can be done in as short as a day. It would be helpful to have party legal advisors who understand and advocate the benefits of a mediated resolution between parties.

Structured Separation

We facilitate separation discussions through confidential mediation to assist couples to reach an agreement on separation and amicable steps towards divorce.

Child-centred Separation

We facilitate child- centred separation discussions through confidential mediation to assist couples to reach family agreements on child care/ access/ support


Eldercare is a growing area of concern in the 21st Century. As families live across borders and the aging endeavour more independence, new and complex issues appear to be rising. These issues include care and health directives , cost management and financial vigilance concerns.

We are able to provide advisory as well as mediation services for eldercare management.


We facilitate delicate discussions on Inheritance through confidential mediation to assist families to reach family agreements on inheritance or inheritance management in both regular and complex family structures.


We anticipate that Parent – Child (Adult children) discussions will increase in the coming years as eldercare and inheritance issues become more openly discussed.

We provide the facility for a confidential mediated discussion to assist individuals explore their interests and needs in a setting designed to promote effective family discussions.

General Family Mediations

Family mediations allow parties to share in a confidential setting what they really want. Wealthy families often want to preserve assets and avoid the fall out of children and siblings.

Our Firm is strategically set up to be conducive to the families and individuals who value keeping a low profile.

Employment & HR

Employment & HR

We advise on corporate documentation, employee contracts as well as dispute resolution structures including risk management of labour issues.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Our conflict management and dispute resolution practice encompasses the entire dispute resolution spectrum from early strategic intervention, early neutral evaluation and exploring the role of mediation to fully litigated matters.

Trusts & Foundations

Trusts & Foundations

Our Trusts & Foundations Practice assist clients to explore the best mechanism available for their wealth management needs. We have assisted clients to establish trusts and foundations in Malaysia and offshore.

Cross Border Advisory

Cross Border Advisory

We are able to assist on in-bound as well as out-bound work for clients with interests in Singapore, any country within ASEAN, India, China, Hong Kong and Australia working with a network of competent peers where necessary.

Insurance Law

Insurance Law

We have significant experience advising insurance companies on their corporate documentation, risk management practices and in defending subrogated claims at all levels of Court.

Civil & Contractual

Civil & Contractual

We advise on all types of general, civil and contractual disputes.

Our Processes


Litigation is a matter commenced using the formal court proceedings, often requiring appearance in Court and a formal presentation of evidence. The usual result is one winner and one loser.

Appeals to higher courts are available.


Mediation is a process where parties sit with a neutral mediator who assists the parties to express their dispute and identify the issues of contention between them; then to explore options which will hopefully lead to a full resolution of the matter.

Mediation is gaining prominence as a method of dispute resolution and has a very high solutions-achieved rate.

China has elected Mediation as the preferred approach in the Belt Road Initiative.

Other industries eg Securities Industries, Banking Industry, Healthcare Industry have recognized the effectiveness of Mediation in recent years.

Mediation can be done in tandem with arbitration (Med-Arb) or parallel to Court proceedings


Arbitration is a private hearing and proceeding afterwhich the Arbitrator will pronounce his/her decision. There are generally no avenues of appeal save for specific circumstances set out in the Arbitration Agreement/Arbitration Act.

Neutral Evaluation

Neutral Evaluation is a dispute resolution mechanism where a Neutral is appointed with the objective of giving a neutral and independent assessment of the merits of the case based on the available statements and evidence.

A neutral evaluation can be done by a lawyer who focuses on the legal issues in dispute, or in tandem with a technical expert.